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Best paid antivirus 2019

As you know, high quality is rarely free. The same goes for antiviruses. And if for the home computer free of charge downloaded protective software can be enough, then the business needs more enhanced protection. And for this, you need to acquire a professional antivirus. With improved functionality and individual support.

If you look at the properties and quality of paid services, you can easily get lost. Naturally, all companies will try to exhibit their product in the best possible way. However, antivirus must be chosen objectively. And we will tell you what products are worthy of your attention.

Top paid antiviruses 2019: a brief overview

So, you decided to purchase professional security software for your business for example. First of all, we recommend determining for yourself the most important criteria, of which these are:

  • Functional
  • Reliability
  • Fighting threats
  • Internet scanning
  • Additional options
  • Ratings

This year, according to experts, the best paid antivirus 2019 are the products presented below.

  • AVG Internet Security 2019. Antivirus Czech manufacturer. In 2019, the developers significantly added antivirus functionality and fixed many bugs. There are functions Do not Disturb.
  • Avast Internet Security 2019. Avas is considered one of the best antiviruses. Another Czech product offers multi-level protection, including Anti-rootkit, Protection on the Web, and much more. If you used the free version of the antivirus, definitely evaluate the premium benefits.
  • Avira Internet Security Suite 2019. Avira Internet Security Suite is a German updated program to protect your PC at several levels. Avira’s premium version allows the user to control the process of tracking the verification process, protects against phishing, hacking, spyware, and thieves. At the same time, the functionality does not conflict with the system.
  • Bitdefender Internet Security. Multi-level web protection, secure Internet banking, parental control. All this is in the Bitdefender Romanian security software. The product provides automatic protection with high speed. Multi-level web protection includes anti-phishing, anti-malware protection, secure search, an isolated web browser, and an electronic wallet for secure Internet banking and online shopping. Parental control with web management allows you to block unwanted content and track the online activity of your children.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security. Comprehensive Kaspersky Anti-Virus offers high-level professional protection. The program has been multi-stage tested and has shown its effectiveness against viruses and various types of malware. So, among them were even the latest Trojans and worms. Kaspersky Internet Security provides such functions as Parental Control, Payment Protection and many other functions that will be especially useful for corporate systems.
  • Norton Security. American innovative antivirus that provides multi-level protection. A simple and modern interface is combined with 5 scanning algorithms, even for a not very new Windows system.
  • ESET NOD32 Internet Security. The new version has been thoroughly developed and improved. The anti-virus even detects hidden rootkits and bugs and updates the registry of viruses on a regular basis. There were cases when only this antivirus could deal with the most neglected cases of infection.
  • Web Security Space for Windows. This is a thoughtful computer protection complex, which includes Spider Gate, parental control, phishing, payment protection The anti-virus quickly finds even disguised viruses and promptly deletes them.

This year, the results of the selection of tops show that professionals never lose grip. Such antiviruses as Avast, Avira, and Kaspersky will occupy the first places for functionality and efficiency for a long time. Therefore, if you want to buy a paid antivirus for yourself or a corporate network, then these options will give you impassable protection.