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Avast Ultimate

Avast, a Czech Republic-based company is a cybersecurity agency with an array of products that offer real-time protection for computers and mobile devices. Established in 1988, they have different products that provide free but complete all-round protection from spyware, phishing, malware, viruses and other malicious things that expose our privacy and can cause loss of information and other valuables.

Among their spectacular array of products are Avast Antivirus, Avast Secureline VPN, Avast Internet Security, Avast Premier, Cleanup Premium, Avast Ultimate, and other products. All these products are software designed to provide maximum protection for computer systems. Some of this software are free to use, others are pay-to-use software. In both cases, however, you can be sure of getting the best security for your PC.

Going through Avast’s lineup of products, one will realize that they are all completely essential to ensure maximum security, while there are free to use products in that lineup, the protection-free software can provide only covers so much. To enjoy the full range of Avast products at a reasonable and reduced price, Avast designed AVAST ULTIMATE as the cheaper and more economical alternative.

Avast Ultimate is described on their website as “The all-you-need bundle”. Ultimate is a license bundle of Avast’s pay-to-use products comprising of four premium software. Avast Ultimate is a bundle of Avast Premier, Avast Secureline VPN, Avast Cleanup Premium and Avast Passwords Premium.

Avast Premier is a pay-to-use software that provides¬†best business antivirus 2019 and internet security with a lot of extra features including a file shredder, webcam shield and all the features included in the pro versions of avast antivirus. It offers a free trial version for a limited time before one has to subscribe to continue using it. Premier’s one-year subscription costs $69.99.

Avast Secureline VPN is a premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) that ensures that users can privately use the internet by encrypting the data sent and received over the internet. It also has servers in various locations that help users to bypass regional restrictions when browsing the web. There is a free trial version offered for a limited period before one has to subscribe to continue enjoying it. It costs $59.99 per year as a standalone installation.

Avast Cleanup Premium is a performance-enhancing application designed to scan the computer for problems and issues that reduce its performance.  When such issues are identified, it notifies the user to decide on what to do. When it is used continuously, the computer runs optimally and without security risks. It costs $49.99 per year as a standalone installation after the free trial version expires.

Avast Passwords Premium is an application that provides safe password storage. A lot of browsers offer to remember your passwords and help you fill forms faster, but there’s a risk of having everything exposed if a hack happens. With Avast passwords premium, your passwords and personal information are securely encrypted and stored. There are other premium features when you upgrade to the paid version of Passwords including ‘One touch login’, ‘Autofill passwords’, generate stronger passwords and much more. Avast free antivirus comes with a basic version of Passwords but to access more features; it costs $19.99 to go premium for one year.

The total cost of getting these four products separately amounts to almost $200. On the other hand, Avast Ultimate, which is a bundle of those four products costs just $119.99 per year. Do the math and decide which one you would rather have.