Avast Game Mode

Gaming is an intensive activity, most games now require huge disk space, a lot of memory and CPU usage just to function and it sometimes gets frustrating when a game lags so much or takes forever to load. Hardcore gamers can often invest heavily in top hardware just to make sure they can enjoy their gameplay. That’s why it gets depressing when they have to endure frozen screens, slow loading times and lags in gameplay.

While it is a bad idea to completely disable the computer’s protection and other apps that run in the background just to get gameplay to improve, some gamers feel like they have no other choice. Well, you do have a choice, you don’t have to leave your computer system completely vulnerable just so you can enjoy your games. With Avast Game Mode, you can enjoy seamless gameplay while still completely protected from viruses and other malicious things online.

Avast is a cybersecurity company most notable for the award-winning Avast Antivirus protection software. Avast is a Czech based company operating out of Prague. Established in 1988, They develop security software created to provide real-time protection from cyber threats like spamming, spyware, phishing, malware and computer viruses. Avast antivirus is well known for all the useful features that come with it as add-ons including Behavior Shield, Game mode, VPN and lots more.

Avast Game Mode is a function in the Avast suite that enhances the performance of a computer for gaming. Game mode adjusts computer settings and stops unnecessary programs from running in the background. When it does this, it frees up the computer’s memory and CPU usage so that games can run more efficiently. Game mode is automatically activated when a game is launched, the game is then added to a list so that the games can trigger the mode whenever they are launched. There are some cases when you have to add your game to the list manually, this can be done in a few simple steps. Directly launch Avast and click on ‘Performance > Game Mode > Add Game,’ add your game to the list, check the ‘Activate Game Mode’ box and click ‘Save.’ Game mode is supported on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

A game mode like other features in Avast is enabled by default, however, you can disable it by toggling it off in the Avast user interface.

There are other settings you can tweak to suit your personal gaming preferences. You can access these settings by clicking on the gear icon. From there you can permit game mode to:

?     Add new games to its list when you launch them.

?    Pause windows update when you’re gaming.

?    Switch your computer to high-performance mode.

?    Give your game higher priority when other necessary programs are running in the background.

?    Temporarily block all pop-up messages, alerts and scheduled scans from Avast.

?    Temporarily disable windows notifications when you’re gaming.

After all, if properly set up, you can just launch your game and enjoy seamless gameplay without the risk of exposure to malicious virus and malware.