Hola – free VPN

Hola – free VPN to access blocked sites  

What is Hola

Hola is a browser extension with which you can use a free VPN service. The Hola extension provides access to sites with multimedia content (video and audio), as well as to those sites for which access has been restricted at the regional or national level for any reason.  With the help of technologies that have a generic name VPN (Virtual Private Network – Virtual Private Network), secure network connections are provided on top of another network (the Internet).

IP hiding

Through the use of VPN, you can change your real IP address to a different one in order to gain access to inaccessible sites in your country or region.  The principle of the service: make not only accessible sites and media services, but also speed up the loading of pages and content (this functionality is not supported in Mac OS X, so you can use Hola VPN Firestick). In the process of using Hola, traffic is encrypted, using caching.  Data is cached on computers of other users in order to speed up connection and data transfer over the network. Therefore, when using this technology, the more Hola users in your region, when the extension is enabled, the faster your Internet connection will be made on your computer.  



At the moment, the Hola application is used on their computers by more than 45 million users worldwide.  Hola supports the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. The extension can also be installed in the Opera, Yandex Browser, Amigo and some other browsers. The application is available for supported browsers on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X operating systems.  


Hola is installed in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browsers, and Hola is installed for Internet Explorer (thus, third-party applications are integrated into this browser).  hola download From the page of the hola.org service created by Israeli developers, you can download this extension to your browser. Also, the extension can be installed in your browser from the stores of the respective browsers, where you can enter from the browser settings.  Hola extension For the Google Chrome browser, the extension in the Chrome store is called Enhanced Internet with Hola.

How to use Hola

Pay attention to the number of users of this extension.  improved internet with hola After installing the extension in the browser, the service page with popular and now available for viewing sites will open. If you hover your mouse over, for example, a picture of the Pandora site that is accessible only to users from the USA, an image of an open lock will appear.  After clicking on the castle, this site will be open, and you will be able to make sure that the Pandora music service has become available to you, although physically you are not in the United States, or even on the other side of the ocean. In this case, Hola independently selected servers, which are located in the USA, to enter this site.  access is open The expansion window will display the flag of the country from which the IP address was entered into the blocked site. In this case, a viewing of a streaming radio service from the USA was made. In the pop-up window they ask you: Did it work?. Click on the Oh, yes! Button if this resource on the Internet has become available to you. If the lock has not been removed, then in this case, click on the “No, fix this” button. Then the Hola application will try to find another option for you.  browsing from another country In the expansion window you can choose the country you need, from which IP address you will need to log in to one or another website. country selection The link “Popular sites” will open for you the service page, with a list of popular sites for which you have entered, or restrictions have been introduced for access to visitors from certain countries.  top popular sites The extension icon will be located on the browser panel. To perform the necessary actions, you can click on the Hola extension icon.


In the settings of the extension, which will open after clicking on the “Menu” button, in the “VPN” tab on the Hola service page, sites will be marked for entry into which will be used by services of a particular country. You can delete, if necessary, these entries in the “basket”.  watching video The Hola extension has a tab for viewing streaming video using the Hola media player. You can view the available video in this player, or download this video using the program for downloading torrent files, which is installed on your computer. After clicking on the “Turn off Hola” button, you can turn off the extension if at the moment you do not need to use it.  In the future, if you log on to a website, you come across the fact that access to it will be restricted for you, you can use the Hola extension to select the IP address of another country in order to open access to a blocked resource. Conclusion With the help of the Hola extension, you can use a VPN service for free to enter sites that have become unavailable due to their blocking in your country or region.  About other ways to bypass the blocking of sites, you can find in the section “Anonymity” on my site.